You can never have to many scarfs!

I don’t know about you, but I love scarfs. Collecting scarfs is a hobby for me. I have different color scarfs for different color outfits, accessorizing with a scarf gives you a put together look and it looks professional for the business world. Using a Scarf is very versatile, you can dress it up or dress it down, you can wear it when it warm and when its cold, and any gender can wear the accessory. I love scarfs and if you are not a scarf lover maybe you should find the right one for you and start from their.  


Comfortable Shoes

When you know you are going to be standing or walking a lot at work, you need to be prepared and wear or have comfortable shoes. In my experience on finding comfortable shoes has not been a easy experience. It is hard finding them, however, its a good thing for Doctor Scholl’s. If you have a some uncomfortable pair of heels or dress shoes, I recommend purchasing some Doctor Scholl’s. It makes the shoe comfortable to be wearing for a long period of time, and that way you are able to wear that fancy pair of shoes that you love or need to wear for work or in special occasions.

Any pets?

Hello everyone, I don’t know if you guys have any pets? I have a small puppy sheds a lot of hair everywhere and its hard to take dog or cat hair off your clothes. Besides using your regular lent roller there are other things that you can use incase you don’t have a lent roller in hand. Such as; a wet paper towel to gather the hair, some tape, and another piece of cloth. It is important to make sure that your clothes don’t have any pet hair when you are in the business world or any professional work.  It looks unprofessional having pet hair all over your wardrobe, so make sure to look fresh when walking out of your house and into the business world.    

One in a million places

In the stage of life that I am right now I have to be in different places in one day. Once I leave my house in the morning I need to make sure that my wardrobe is suitable for all the place I need to go throughout the day. For example, I need to wear some comfortable flats that are appropriate for a business look yet comfortable to walk on all day. I wear some comfortable slacks with a light shirt and sweater that is versatile for all occasions. You may think well why aren’t you more specific? Will its hard to know what your day could be, you are the only one that knows that’s in your closet and what is appropriate for the occasions that brings you. Hope this works… 

Weather Appropriate

Its crazy to plan what to wear when it is super cold in the mornings and then it gets warm in the afternoon. My advice to this problems well that’s if you even call it a problem is to layer up with light layers. For example, where a cardigan with a light shirt and pair it with a skirt or pans. If you are a male you can dress with a blazer and a button up shirt with some slacks. Hope this works out for you all.   

Planning ahead

Every morning is a struggle for me to choice a outfit for work. After struggling for so long and staring at my closet hoping that a outfit would jump out at me. I realized why don’t I just have my outfit ready the night before, so I don’t have to struggling in the morning and waste precious time. I found out that by having my outfit ready saves me time and it lowers my stress level in the mornings. Try it and see if it works for you?


Looking For Great Prices??

Hey everyone. Are you looking for a inexpensive wardrobe? Well how about shopping at the Salvation Army, Good Will, Ross, Marshalls,TJ Max, and Kohl’s. They are great stores to get a reasonable outfit for work that makes you look polished. There is no need to buy an expensive outfit when you can get one or more outfit for the price of one. These stores are great for man and women for all ages.  Be smart and get more for you money.